Transformation of the natural environment in Western Sorkapp Land (Spitsbergen) since the 1980s

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ISBN: 9783319265728
This revised edition describes the transformation of the environment and landscape of Western Sřrkapp Land based on research data collected żeby Jagiellonian University scientific expeditions in the period 1980-1986 and in 2008. It also outlines potential directions of the transformation of Western Sřrkapp Land.
Western Sřrkapp Land has been experiencing dramatic natural changes such as glacial recession, coastline retreat, emergence of new landforms and Quaternary deposits, as well as changes in the water drainage and network due to global warming. Western Sřrkapp Land is a very remote and diverse region, which is representative of the European Arctic. The establishment of South Spitsbergen National Park has led to a regeneration of the local reindeer herd, which has caused overgrazing of the local tundra resulting in altered plant communities and soil erosion. They have also destroyed numerous bird nests. The transformation of Western Sřrkapp Land is set to continue.